What do we have today? Almost everything! Maybe too much of everything! Are we happy, satisfied, fulfilled? Are we thinking we’re happy because we have isles of chips to choose from, sushi in every grocery store, and a backup camera in our car? These things are nice, but its become forefront in our perception of happiness, replacing things of true and lasting value.

With everything at our fingertips providing us happiness why then do we have record numbers of divorce, suicide, and cases of depression at all ages?

Fulfillment comes from a sense of accomplishment, a purpose and achievable goals, which in turn brings happiness. Our focus is too entertainment based.

Most people feel something missing in their lives, describing what’s missing as “IT”, not knowing why they’re unhappy.

So, what is It? It, is a life that includes all the above! Johan Vanden Bos with DNT (Doing New Things) has been conducting an 22 year study on this very topic. And DNT is creating environments that bring balance to life in uniquely developed and designed NEW cities that will unite essential and desired concepts.

YES!   New cities. We’ve outgrown our present cities, not physically speaking, however our systems of modern living are no longer matched by our surroundings. We’re trying to fit a modern advanced society into an outdated plan. Imagine if the entire generation of the industrial revolution and the era of the moon landing were transported back into the 1800s. Would they be happy or satisfied in those living conditions having experienced our modern lifestyle?

We’re assuming happiness because we live in the 21st century, yet in a present environment built in the 1900s.

Expecting to replace our great cities is a ludicrous thought, it is time however, to build new cities in strategic areas in addition to renewing our schools, offices and homes.

Its much more than integrating technology into our buildings and homes, it runs much deeper than that. Remember it’s happiness that’s eluding this generation at every age. It’s the integration of purpose, psychological and emotional entirety, the basis of happiness, that’s missing. These essential ingredients come from altogether different sources than realized and must be incorporated into the physical aspects of our cities.

How can building new cities bring us durable happiness?   We have lost the true sources of bliss in the technological shuffle. We can no longer retrofit our modern cities to included these essential elements, we must build them into our environments from scratch.

Doing New Things

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